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Moving to a new city can be very exciting, even if it is a temporary relocation. Our short term furnished
housing in Boise is a part of this big move and we want to help make this transition a smooth one. Short
and Sweet Stays understands how important this transition is and we are ready for your relocation. We
are here to make your move a reality.
When you stay with Short and Sweet Stays in our short term furnished housing in Boise instead in a
small, cramped hotel room, you will feel the difference immediately. We can give you space that you will
never find in a hotel. We offer luxury and an economical choice, all at once.
You will not sacrifice any hotel amenities in our short term furnished housing in Boise. Our well-
appointed suites are designed with comfort in mind. Short and Sweet Stays knows how busy your days
are and we want our executive suites to be a place of comfort. Our place will give you the quiet that you
need so you are recharged for your very busy days.
Short and Sweet Stays offers short term furnished housing in Boise which are fully equipped homes
and are perfect for stays that are 30 days or more. There are no added fees to your lease, in the way you
will find additional charges when checking out at a comparable hotel. We include free parking, high
speed Wi-Fi and so much more. When you commit to a monthly lease, those are your total charges with
no surprises!
We can offer you different sized options, so you find one that is right for you. Our short term furnished
housing in Boise are multiple bedroom options so that if you decide to bring your family, we can
accommodate that.
Our bedrooms are supplied with quality bedding and linens. Short and Sweet Stays wants to make sure
that you enjoy a good night’s sleep and our short term furnished housing in Boise is set up to provide
that. Our properties are set up in quiet neighborhoods and we want to make sure we always equip you
with bedding that will afford you rest and relaxation.
Our Short and Sweet Stays are in the best residential areas of Boise, so you will have many amenities
within a short drive. Our short term furnished housing in Boise is well located near top restaurants,
grocery stores, theaters, coffee shops and so much more. We don’t want you to miss anything that you
have come to expect in your daily lives.
You will find our short term furnished housing in Boise to be safe and secure. We at Short and Sweet
Stays want you to enjoy your time in Boise, and hope that you come back to stay with us many times in
the future.
We are ready for you! Please give Short and Sweet Stays a call and we will work on finding you the
perfect short term furnished housing in Boise right away. Our number is 208-602-0060. Please give us a
call and we will find you the perfect home. We look forward to speaking with you soon!