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Sometimes, life throws us a curveball and we need to make some big changes. Our home is our
sanctuary, but home emergencies happen like a fire or flooding, and it forces us to move out
temporarily. Or maybe your home is going through a major renovation, and you do not want to live
there while there is construction going on. Short and Sweet Stays gets it, and we are here for you with
our short term furnished rentals in Boise. We are here to help with your temporary transition every step
of the way!

We offer a more comfortable and affordable stay than a long-term hotel stays. Short and Sweet Stays
offers short term furnished rentals in Boise that are often half the cost of a luxury hotel stay. We offer
space, comfort, and luxury for half the price!

Our knowledgeable agents at Short and Sweet Stays pride themselves in providing the best customer
service. We will answer all your questions when choosing short term furnished rentals in Boise! We also
take great pride in the quality of our homes. We work hard to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere,
with many of our homes offering majestic mountain views. We also offer fireplaces, so you can really
enjoy a cozy time by the fire when you stay with us!

Our kitchens and living areas are extremely spacious, where you can invite friends and family to enjoy
with you. Our short term furnished rentals in Boise will never have you feeling cramped and on top of
one another. Short and Sweet Stays wants to make this time memorable.

We don’t forget the little things that make a house a home. Short and Sweet Stays goes the extra mile.
When you stay with us in our short term furnished rentals in Boise, you will find the extra comforts that
make the difference. Comfortable bedding with luxurious linens will have you feeling as if you are living
in a five-star hotel. We also offer quality shampoos and soaps, so your toiletries offer a nice experience.

All you need is a suitcase, and we will welcome you home. Our short term furnished rentals in Boise is
waiting for you, with everything you will need for a long term or short-term stay. Our staff can answer
all your questions and guarantee that Boise is a great place to live, whether it is temporary or your new

Just give us a call at 208-602-0060. We understand that you may have many questions for us, and we
are here to answer them. Short and Sweet Stays want you to be happy in Boise and we think we can
help make that happen with our short term furnished rentals in Boise. We look forward to your call!